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Dye Sublimation Benefits

Historically, dye sublimation printing has been preferred over ink jet printing because it uses a continuous tone, instead of droplets, to create an image. This form of printing also creates an image that is higher in quality and more natural looking than an ink jet printer. Recent developments in ink jet printing have made the quality better, but dye sublimation still has other benefits that make it a more viable option for creating such items as table covers for trade shows and custom vinyl banners for business uses.


Another reason that dye sublimation is a better option than other print options is because it’s a dry print method. This means there are no liquid inks involved in the printing process when creating items such as trade show banner displays. Ink jet printing, on the other hand, uses liquid inks, meaning there is a drying time on any printed item. This dry ink process makes dye sublimation the perfect option for printing on fabric and vinyl. For that reason, dye sublimation is a viable option for all of your trade show banner displays, pop up trade show displays, and other custom vinyl banners.


As a result of the dry print method used by dye sublimation, once a project is completed it’s already dry and ready for you to handle. This makes it easier to use than methods which use ink. There’s no need to exercise caution and ensure prints are dry before moving them or placing them next to one another. Also, because it’s a dry method of printing, there’s less mess and cleanup after a job is done, when creating larger items, such as pop up trade show displays.


All of these benefits make dye sublimation the most logical option for creating pop up trade show displays, as well as other items that will be used in a high traffic environment, such as table covers for trade shows. They’ll be guaranteed to be more durable and to withstand sunlight and not fade. Custom vinyl banners will also be higher quality and more natural looking than some methods of printing.  Because dye sublimation is a dry process, it will not bleed through fabrics, either, making it the best option for table covers for trade shows.

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Versatility in Custom Fabric Printing

Custom vinyl banners are great for any business, such as restaurants, grocers, and auto dealerships. No matter what type of business you’re in, there’s a place for custom vinyl banners to help you advertise different promotions, hours of business, and grand openings. These custom vinyl banners are not only inexpensive to obtain, but they also can be made quickly and are easily displayed, due to their versatility.


The overall cost of custom fabric printing is determined by the types of options you select. The fabric choices can vary greatly depending on the type of printing you desire and where you intend on displaying it. For instance, custom vinyl banners can come in a wide range of colors and dimensions, and can be displayed indoors and outdoors. Custom table covers for trade shows are usually printed on a higher quality fabric, and can even be put on thicker fabrics for extra durability. Trade show banner displays can easily be printed on a wide variety of materials to shine brightly during a show to attract more attention. As a result, some of these items are better suited for use indoors and for drawing attention to a specific type of customer at a trade show or conference, and others are better for outdoor use.


One of the best options available today for custom vinyl banners and other items, such as trade show banner displays, is the use of dye sublimation printing on polyester fabrics. These fabrics help the image to have a higher quality color, be protected from the elements when used outdoors, and also from discoloration, over time, from light when used indoors. This type of printing also requires no drying time, unlike other print methods which use liquid inks. As a result, once a product is completed it can easily be packaged, and either sent to the client or picked up and used right away. This method also allows for storage of the displays, without having to worry about the images being damaged.


The versatility of custom fabric printing using dye sublimation methods can help your business to attract new customers. There are a variety of fabric and image options available to meet your needs. The return on your investment will be well worth the low-cost you put into getting your custom-made fabric printing to meet your company’s advertising needs.


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Fabric Custom Printing Options

There are a number of ways to print graphics onto fabric for banners and other advertising products. The most beneficial fabric printing method is dye sublimation, and can be used for anything from pop up trade show displays, to table covers for trade shows. This method requires a little bit more than digital printing methods, but the finished product is a much higher quality. As a result, this printing method may also cost a little bit more than the other printing methods available. The overall cost of dye sublimation printing is still very reasonable, making it a great option for trade show banner displays.

When printing with dye sublimation, it’s possible to get a variety of fabric options. The most important thing when selecting a fabric is to consider the amount of polymers in the fabric. These polymers, as well as the density of the material, help the graphic design to adhere to the fabric and remain durable. This means that polyester or nylon fabrics are one of the best options. These fabrics are also very versatile and offer a wide variety of textures, colors, and weights for your trade show banner displays.

One of the most common polyester fabric options available for consideration is the 100 percent polyester cloth, which gives the best density and highest level of polymers. Similarly, polyester stretch fabrics are great for use with pop up trade show displays. These items need the fabric to be pulled tightly over a frame, making them pop out. Polyester even comes in more lightweight and sheer fabric options, for larger banner needs, such as in convention centers. Finally, polyester fabrics offer options for products which are designed to spend time outdoors. The benefit of these fabrics, compared to others, is they give a nicer finish than other options for custom vinyl banners.

After considering the type of venue you’ll be using to display your custom print banner, you simply need to think through what type of fabric would best meet your needs. Then select the colors, dimensions, and most important, the graphics which you want displayed on your custom fabric product. Once you make these decisions, it’s only a matter of time before your custom vinyl banners are working to generate business for you.


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Dye Sublimation Advantages

One of the most important features of dye sublimation printing is its versatility. Dye sublimation can be used on paper, plastic, cardboard, or even fabric. This makes it particularly useful when businesses are looking to create custom vinyl banners or pop up trade show displays for advertising purposes. As a result, more companies are turning to dye sublimation printing to meet their trade show needs.


One of the greatest advantages for advertising printing is that dye sublimation is faster than other printers are. Additionally, because there is little to no maintenance or cleanup from dye sublimation, even more time is saved during the printing process. Documents that are printed using dye sublimation are of a higher quality than other printing options, making it a viable option for custom vinyl banners or for table covers for trade shows.


Dye sublimation prints are known for being higher quality than other options. Previously, these printers were not readily available to consumers or smaller businesses. Today, dye sublimation is about equal in cost to other types of liquid ink printers, even though the cost of other supplies may not be as cost effective. Still, many situations warrant using this print option, which requires a higher quality of paper than other print options. As a result, table top covers for trade shows, custom vinyl banners, and pop up trade show displays can be quickly produced and will be of an extremely higher quality than those done by another method of printing.


A combination of all these items is the reason why professionals have opted for dye sublimation, instead of other printing methods to meet their needs. No other printing option provides the same speed of printing, speed of cleanup and maintenance, or speed of being able to handle a finished product after it’s printed. Combined with a lack of need for continual maintenance and cleaning, and the high quality of images that dye sublimation printing produces, it makes complete sense why corporations prefer this print option to other options available on the market today.


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Benefits of Dye Sublimation

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you’ve without a doubt seen the various pop up trade show displays and custom vinyl banners used by vendors. The majority of these displays are created using a process called dye sublimation. This process is an extremely versatile option for printing various types of media. Besides its versatility, there are also other benefits to using dye sublimation for this type of printing, in comparison with other options, like ink jet.


One benefit of using dye sublimation is it can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and even fabric. When printed on these items, dye sublimation is able to produce smooth, high quality images. Other print options are not as flexible, making dye sublimation the perfect option for customer items like table covers for trade shows and trade show banner displays.


Another benefit of dye sublimation is, once the image is printed, a protective laminate coating is put over the image. This coating helps to protect the image from being discolored or damaged from exposure to sunlight, wear and tear, and storage. This coating is another benefit for using dye sublimation to create custom vinyl banners, and an alternative for creating custom print jobs. Other print options, like ink jet printing, are not capable of providing this same coating, meaning that these printed items won’t be nearly as durable.


Dye sublimation is superior to other printing options in a number of areas. For instance, dye sublimation is not a liquid printing process, so it’s a cleaner process to use.  Dye sublimation also creates more natural-looking print images than other printing options would create. As a result, dye sublimation may be the best option for your custom printing needs. It can be used to create pop up banner stands and trade show banner displays which are natural-looking and will maintain their appearance over time, without becoming discolored or damaged from sun exposure.


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Dye Sublimation and Custom Vinyl Banners

Businesses, both small and large, are able to benefit from dye sublimation banners. Because of its versatility, dye sublimation offers businesses inexpensive ways to create not only custom vinyl banners, but also custom table covers for trade shows. These custom vinyl items can easily be designed with the company logo and other high quality images on a variety of fabrics. Some of these fabrics for different banners can include canvas, vinyl, silk, cotton, or polyester. The process of creating these banners is becoming so convenient that many companies have even started creating their own custom vinyl banners.

In order to create these banners, a company will need to have a dye sublimation printer. Each of these printers requires four different ribbons to print the product. One ribbon consists of a protective laminate to keep the image durable, as well as free from damage and discoloration from sunlight. The other three ribbons consist of the three primary colors used to print the image. Due to the way dye sublimation works, the process has to be completed once for each ribbon, to create the image, and then to “seal it” with the laminate coating.

Dye sublimation can also be used for other purposes. Because of its versatility, you could use a custom vinyl banner to advertise a promotion or use one as a more permanent fixture in your business to advertise to people passing by. Dye sublimation can also be used in a variety of sizes, making it possible to create a final product which is sure to meet the dimensions of any space you have.

No matter what type of image you choose and what fabric you select, custom signage can benefit your company greatly. These banners can help to maximize your impact at trade shows and draw people to your booth. Dye sublimation can also help create professional looking trade show banner displays or pop up trade show displays, making set up a breeze and increasing the overall impact on your customers.


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Advantages of Dye Sublimation

In recent years, dye sublimation has become an increasingly popular option for printing, when a high quality picture is needed. Dye sublimation is the transfer of a color graphic onto an item. As a result, corporations looking for high quality advertising materials often look to dye sublimation for their custom vinyl banners and pop up trade show displays. These items come out looking professional and are very durable, because the ink used to print them comes from a plastic film, instead of from a liquid ink source. 

Some corporations who do a significant amount of trade shows and need pop up trade show displays, as well as table covers for trade shows, are finding having a dye sublimation printer on hand is particularly beneficial for them. They’re finding these printers are faster than comparable ink jet options, and they are significantly lower in maintenance than their ink jet counter parts. They don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as ink jet printers do, and the quality of the printing is extremely high.

Dye sublimation printing projects are not only very high quality, but they are also waterproof; unlike many liquid ink options available today. As a result, the finished product is more durable than ink jet products are, making them perfect for trade shows. Combine that with the faster speed of dye sublimation, and it makes complete sense why corporations are turning to dye sublimation for their trade show needs, instead of relying on ink jet printers for their advertising needs, like custom vinyl banners.

These benefits make dye sublimation printing an essential option for many companies. Within minutes of taking a photograph or uploading a graphic design, a finished product can be printed out, and no waiting time is needed in order to ensure that the product can be handled without damage. These reasons alone make dye sublimation a viable option. Pair this with the lack of maintenance and cleanup required with dye sublimation, and there seems to be no other option for creating your trade show banner displays.


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Custom Fabric Printing

Most businesses are looking for ways to stand out from their competitors. Through the use of dye sublimation printing, it’s possible to use custom fabric printing to bring attention to your business and make a lasting impression on your customers. While banners are nothing new to advertising businesses, the different options available, due to changes in technology, fabric and image options, have resulted in the ability to create trade show banner displays, custom vinyl banners, and even pop up banner stands which were never available before.

One of the greatest benefits of doing custom fabric printing is the variety of options. There are an endless number of fabric options and colors. The same goes for the types of images which can be produced, as well as the sizes of the final product. With the increase in variety has also come an increase in the overall quality of printing technology available.

As a result of this variety, it’s now possible for companies to have pop up banner stands in the foyer of their company on display, while having similar trade show banner displays, which have the same logo and images, on a different color background, or on a different quality of fabric.

Even though dye sublimation can work on a variety of fabrics, the overall best fabric choice for dye sublimation printing is still polyester fabric. These fabrics help the graphics to be the most durable and the colors to have the best definition, compared to an all-cotton fabric.

Choosing to have a custom fabric dye sublimation product as a staple in your company advertising will not only help you to promote your company brand, but will also allow you to do so in a way which is both durable and attractive. Fabric dye sublimation printing can be easily washed and pressed to give the best presentation possible, unlike some other custom vinyl banners, which result in a display becoming worn and faded over time.

Make a custom fabric dye sublimation project part of your advertising campaign today. You never know what opportunities your unique pop up banner stands might generate.

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Trade Show Banner Design Checklist

Whether you choose pop up banner stands or custom vinyl banners, there are some very important design characteristics that your banner must have. These characteristics are important for the memorability and legibility of your sign, which will help increase customers and sales at any trade show.


First, your colors must be limited. Too many colors can take away from the main message. A general rule of thumb for trade show banner displays is that they should consist of 3 colors or less.


Next, make sure the texture of the display sign is also limited. If you chose a matte vinyl banner, don’t mix more than one other texture, such as acrylic. More will take away from the words on the sign.


The design must be memorable. This means that throwing something together on your computer’s default Paint program will probably not work. Consider hiring a professional design service if you are not confident in your own designs. Similarly, make sure graphics are in the correct format. Finding low resolutions from around the web will result in a blurry, unprofessional banner.


Make sure there is enough light on your trade show display banner. Especially at indoor conventions, lighting might be limited to overhead fluorescents, so you should bring extra lighting just in case. This is especially true for banners with no backlighting, such as retractable banner stands.


Make sure text is at least four inches high. It should be legible from at least twenty feet away. If text is too small, only the people at your trade show booth will be able to read it, which will limit the number of customers your attract from afar.


Finally, place the most important text, such as the headline, on the upper half of the banner. This is especially true for custom vinyl banners that might be hung at the back of the booth or tent.  That way, the person presenting at the booth won’t block the text.


Following this simple checklist when designing your trade show banner display will help you create an effective and memorable sign.



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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Table Cover

When designing your booth for trade shows, you have many options for displays and signs. You can choose retractable banner stands, pop up banner displays, or custom vinyl banners to show potential customers who you are and what you do. Another option for your booth is a table cover. Table covers can be placed on the surface at the front of your display and include any graphic you’d like, as well as your company name or logo. While these are nice accents to a booth, there are a few things that should be considered before deciding on this type of display.


Table covers for trade shows will obviously rest on the table. Therefore, anything that is placed on the table will block the message. While you can design your booth in a way that ensures no products will be left on the table with the cover, visitors and customers might accidentally leave their purses or belongings on the table, which will obstruct the view from other customers.


Similarly, since it will be on a flat surface like a table, the table cover will not be visible from a distance. Even if there is nothing on it to cover the graphics, people will not be able to see it if they are 20 feet away or more. For that reason, a table cover should not be the only banner you choose for a trade show – consider complementing it with a matching custom vinyl banner hanging at the booth.


Since some trade shows take place outdoors, the hanging sides of the table cover might get dirty. Of course, they can be cleaned between shows, but this is an extra step in the preparation of your booth when you undoubtedly have a million other things to think about. Even if you have other signs to complement the table cover, a dirty table cover will decrease your reputability.


Similarly, since most table covers for trade shows are made of fabric, they can get lost in the shuffle of your trade show supplies and could get wrinkled. This could also make your booth look less professional.


Table covers for trade shows have their benefits. They make plain tables look more professional, and they remind visitors of your brand and company while making purchases. However, they do have their disadvantages, and they should never be the only type of signage at your booth. If you can take good care of your table cover, it can be a great addition to your trade show display.



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